Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Meetings Report: What's Missing?

It's that time of year again! The time where all the general managers in baseball gather to talk trades and pick up unwanted players in the Rule V draft. Although these are similar festivities every year (a lot of talk, some action{meetings at bottom part of page on link}), these meetings tend to feel a little different. For example, last year the big trade names in the pitching market were Brad Penny and Rich Harden. This year big names like Santana and Haren are ready to go! This year instead of the Mets losing a somewhat high upside pitcher for a young power arm, they lose an extremely high upside outfielder for... well, nothing much. However there are a few major aspects of the meetings we are missing as of now:

  1. Manny Not Being Manny? Over the past years, it seems every year, Manny Ramirez asks for a trade. However, this year (so far) we've heard nothing of Manny. Has his second ring finally made him happy in Boston, or is even Manny tired of Manny being Manny?
  2. No More Barry Lamar Bonds: One of the most hilarious parts of the meetings last year was when Barry Bonds, the self-centered, arrogant, soon to be home run king, showed up and begged Giants GM Brian Sabean for his job.(At least that's how I saw it). Sabean, not being the brightest man in the world, allowed Bonds to sign for one year 16 million. This year, Bonds will be spending the meetings fighting perjury charges. Who knows, he may still show up and beg for a job. Now that, that would be the most hilarious thing to ever happen in Major League Baseball history.

  3. Has Boras Lost Control: Over the last several years, Agent Scott Boras has had a vice-grip on all of baseball. But it seems that since he was defeated in the Dice-K adventure last year, he's lost his touch (Other than the Zito steal). Then, this year, he was fired by Kenny Rodgers, who just signed with the Tigers, and was forgotten in the A-Rod mess. So, is Boras washed up or did he have a bad year. With free agents like Andruw Jones under his control this year, it will be interesting to see.

So when the meetings start next week, don't be shocked if you feel there's something missing. Just sit back, relax, and look out for the wonderful rumors as they unfold.

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