Saturday, December 8, 2007

Is Lowry the Key?

Recent rumors have suggested that the Mets offered Lastings Milledge to the Giants for Noah Lowry. If the Mets were able to obtain Lowry, they'd have three goo arms about to enter their baseball primes (28-32), in Maine, Perez, and Lowry. Rick Peterson was the pitching coach for the dominating trio of Zito, Hudson, and Mulder. Could he get Maine, Perez, and Lowry to excel to that level. I believe so. Here are my predictions, barring injury, for that trio if Omar were to acquire Lowry:
  1. John Maine: 19-7, 3.30 ERA, 200K's, 200IP. After having an above average season last year, even though he was hurt all year and it was his first full year, one can only imagine how he could do in a full, injury-free season this year.
  2. Oliver Perez: 17-10, 3.45 ERA, 225 K's, 190IP. It seems Perez may finally have found adequate consistency. If he can keep that up for close to 200 innings, he could strike out nearly 250 this year. However, he does have some bad outings, so don't count on that.
  3. Noah Lowry: 16-3, 3.75 ERA, 125K's, 170 IP. This kid has potential! While those numbers aren't dominating, they're still pretty good. This year would be more a year for him to improve on his K: BB rate, than anything else. In a few years though, he could win 20 games.

If I'm Omar, I'm trading a package of F-Mart and Humber/Mulvey for this kid. While it is highly unlikely, this tandem could have three 20 game winners in 2011 with Peterson's tutelage.

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