Monday, December 31, 2007

New Ultimate Baseball!

As you can see I have a whole new look here at Ultimate Baseball. The reason for this is I received some feedback from people over at MLBTR (STLRedbirds) that the colors were a little vexing. So I made the colors a little more plain. Hope you like it.
Along with the artistic complaints my Joba Chamberlain Perspective gathered some complaints about me letting my bias toward the Yankees show a little too much. Unfortunately you can't see some of those comments because I accidentally deleted them (it seriously was an accident). While I'm a believer of any publicity being good publicity (as you can see by the increased number of people participating in the GM poll on the side) I will try harder in the future to hide my bias towards teams that displease me (maybe not the Phillies so much).

* Just as a heads up, their are only 4 days to vote on the best general manager poll. The winner's post will be put up some time next weekend. *


Anonymous said...

I understood the orange and blue but it was difficult to read. Now your bias won't be so obvious.

Anonymous said...

Was it Freud who said "there are no such thing as accidents". You probably meant to delete those comments. And there is nothing wrong with having an opinion. I agree that Chamberlain hasn't totally proved himself. This will be his defining year.