Sunday, December 2, 2007

Winter Meetings Report: Predictions

With the Winter Meetings kicking off tomorrow, from Nashville, I've decided to cover the top 3 stories with my predictions as to what will happen:
  1. Johan Santana: In an earlier post, I discussed the Angels, Yankees, and Red Sox as the main suitors for Johan. Over the last few days, the Yanks and Sox have been exchanging the lead in the Santana derby. However, the Yanks have seemingly made their best offer, and will look elsewhere if it is not good enough. Prediction: Santana to Boston
  2. Miguel Cabrera: The Angels and Giants have been frustrated with the Marlins tactics in putting together a Cabrera deal. Even the Angels have more to offer, the Giants have a greater need with Bond's not coming back. In the end, I don't think the Marlins will be able to pull the trigger. Prediction: Cabrera stays in Florida
  3. Andruw Jones: In my opinion, the best player to reach free agency this year (including pitchers), remains unsigned. With Scott Boras as his agent, asking only for a long term, high expense deal. The one GM I believe is smart enough to go after Andruw at this price, is Dayton Moore. He is very familiar with Jones from his days in the Atlanta scouting office. Prediction: Jones signs with Royals for six years 102 million with incentives up to 110 million.

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