Saturday, December 1, 2007

Prospect Perspective: Phil Hughes

It was decided last night that the Yankees are willing to include Phil Hughes in a package for Johan Santana. The package seems set at Hughes, Melky Cabrera, and another pitching prospect (Alan Horne?). So I'll be decided to discuss Hughes this morning.

Value: There's obviously no doubt that Hughes has tremendous value. If he didn't, the Yankees wouldn't be able to come close to pulling a deal off with just Cabrera and another pitcher alongside Hughes. You can't get much more valuable than a 21-year-old who has potential to be an all time great. Overall Value: A+

Ability: Hughes was gifted with tremendous ability as well. He has a fastball that sits in the mid 90's, with good movement; and, he can place it well too. He also can place his two-seamer well with good speed (low 90's). His best pitch is an amazing curve. He trows it in the mid to low 80's with excellent movement.
Hughes also possesses great presence and poise on the mound, and is extremely hard to rattle.
Overall ability: A+

Future: It's clear as day that Hughes will be a bonafide Ace in the next few years. Personally, I see him winning 250-300 games, whether for the Yanks or Twins. He will probably win at least one Cy-young. His average season should be about 16-5 3.25 ERA and 200 K's. It's extremely possible he'll be better than Santana in a few years. Overall Future: A+

Overall Prospect Rating: A+
Clearly, Hughes is the definition of a blue-chip prospect. However, if I were the Yankees I would refuse to trade him. Even with Santana, they might not be able to beat the Red Sox this year.

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