Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Santana Suitors: Yankees, Sox, and Angels

I guess it is my duty as an official blog author to discuss the circus around Johan Santana. So I will present my analysis of what each of the top three suitors has to offer, and what they'd be willing to offer:

  1. New York Yankees: Not only has it already been confirmed that the Yankees have had discussions with the Twins about Johan, but it seems that most people believe that they will land the best pitcher in baseball. The twins would want One of the Yankees' "Big Three" and Melky Cabrera. While I don't see anything special about Melky; there are some people around here who think he is a future stud. The Yankees have shown an unwillingness to trade any of the three in the past; however, Cashman, Hank, and Hal seem very open to trading Hughes or Kennedy if it nets them a big fish. I find their reluctance to trade Joba ludicrous seeing as he is at the peak of his value. I mean, the way he pitched in his time in the majors, Chamberlain and Tabata alone could be enough to obtain Santana.
  2. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: The Angels have an amazing farm system. Tim Dierkes over at had a nice suggestion earlier this morning. The Angels have Brandon Wood, Howie Kendrick, and a plethera of outfield prospects that the Twins could use. However, the main key to this trade could be the Angels reluctance to trade Nick Adenhart. I believe this guy could exceed Johan in ability in three or four years. In the end, I don't think that the Angels will aquire a seventh starter for their rotation in Santana.
  3. Boston Red Sox: Okay, I almost didn't even mention the Sox because it would be unfair to have a rotation of Santana, Beckett, Schill, Dice-K, and Wakefield. However, Theo Epstein is the smartest man in baseball and he knows Schill and Wake have to eventually break down. So here we go! The Sox have two A caliber pitching prospects in Buckholtz and Lester. They also have a blue chipper in Jacoby Ellsbury. However, they'd much rather include Coco Crisp than Ellsbury (DUH!). Other names they'd include could be Jed Lowrie, Brandon Moss, and Kevin Youkilis.

In the end I truly believe the Yanks will take Santana. I mean, it could be worse; the Mets could offer Jose Reyes.


Anonymous said...

Sick web chris!
First comment ever, its a true honor.

I agree with you on Santana going to the Yanks, however i believe they'll keep melky around for a couple more years. And pssh who in their right mind wants reyes besides the mets anyway. lol


Chris Goudoras said...

"Sick web chris!"

Thanks Nick, I truly appreciate it. Seriously.