Sunday, December 2, 2007

X- MAN 2: X-Man Returns?

According to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the Pirates will look to get rid of Xavier Nady, either by trading him, or non-tendering him. Apparently, the Pirates are unwilling to exceed the all important (sarcasm) 3 million dollar mark for Nady. On the open market Nady could net 4 years and 8-10 million. However, Scott Boras is his agent; therefore, he could net a five, or even six year deal (I believe) at about 12 million a year. So, the best bet to obtain Nady would be in a trade.
So I plead, Omar, part with a Phil Humber or a Kevin Mulvey, whatever it takes. Get Nady back. He and Church would platoon well in right. This would also make it easier to trade Gomez for a pitcher, seeing as you wouldn't need to keep a sixth outfielder (along with Alou, Nady, Church, Beltran, and Chavez). Church could spell Alou every once in a while and Nady could spell Delgado at first. It is the definition of a perfect fit!
Remember, giving up a pitching prospect for Nady is really like giving up a pitching prospect for Oliver Perez and Roberto Hernandez. You'll get the better end of the deal!

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