Saturday, December 1, 2007

Melky Gone = Bernie Back?

I was just reading over at that Joe Pawlikowski says Andruw Jones would be a better replacement than Aaron Rowand if Melky is traded(DUH!). However, I got to thinking about other scenarios. I came to a conclusion that should make all Yankee fans happy.

If Melky is traded, I believe that the Yankees should go after Bernie Williams as a part time outfielder. Then, they can sign Cuban-defector, Alexia Ramirez(apparently 26-years-of-age) to play with Bernie. Bernie could mentor Ramirez as he adjusts to the MLB. It's a perfect match, right? What do you think?


jp said...

bernie will not comeback.
try hardball dynasty in it is about building your own franchise making all the decisions as GM and manager.
I'm not promoting this. since you like to be a GM I think you will like it.

Chris Goudoras said...

Thanks for that website; however, I do not like web sites that cost money. I feel they take away from the baseball expirience. However, I do recomend that site for anybody willing to spend a few bucks.