Sunday, January 6, 2008

Poll Post: Theo Epstein

Well as you can see, Theo Epstein managed to edge out Dayton Moore in the best GM poll. Obviously, this was due to not only his great list of transactions, but his two rings as well.

Who was the best general manager from 2006 to present?
BOS: Theo Epstein: 23 votes (46%)
KC: Dayton Moore: 22 votes (44%)
NYM: Omar Minaya: 4 votes (8%)

So without a further ado, here are the three best moves that Epstein has made in his tenure as General Manager of the Boston Red Sox:
  1. Traded Jorge De La Rosa, Casey Fossum, Brandon Lyon, Jorge De la Rosa and outfielder Michael Goss to the Arizona Diamondbacks for Curt Schilling: This will perhaps go down as the most famous trade in Boston Red Sox history. Schill of course delivered one of the greatest performances in sports history in the 2004 League Championship Series. The D-Backs did get some decent players but the Red Sox got the best of this deal by far.
  2. Red Sox hire Terry Francona as manager: Four out of the first twelve Boston managers managed to capture a world series title. This was then followed by 86 years of no managers capturing a world series title for Boston. However Epstein found the man Red Sox Nation had been searching for for dozens of years in December of 2003. The next year, Boston would break 'the curse' thanks in large part to a manager who didn't back down no matter how bleak things looked in that League Championship Series.
  3. Red Sox Acquire Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, and Guillermo Mota from the Florida Marlins: Sure they had to give up Hanley Ramirez (one of the top five shortstops in baseball right now) and Anibal Sanchez (Who, shortly after, threw a no hitter) as well as Jesus Delgado and Harvey Garcia, but it was worth it. Beckett allowed them to capture a second ring as well as a division title. Also, Beckett's presence allows them to hold onto Clay Bucholtz and not spend him on an overpriced pitcher. Lowell also help establish the Red Sox current formidable lineup, which led also to the second Series victory and division title.

So that concludes the first poll post. The next poll should be up shortly.

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