Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prospect Perspective: Lastings Milledge

Welcome to C-Gouds' Ultimate Baseball Blog. As this is my first post, feel free to provide some constructive criticism for me in the comments section. I feel obligated to cover my favorite team, The New York Mets in my first post. "Prospect Perspective" is the name I will use for the posts where I discuss the value, ability and future of certain prospects. Today I will discuss the controversial, Lastings Milledge.
Value: I remember the day where the Mets let Milledge's upside keep them from acquiring Manny Ramirez. Now sometimes it feels as though Omar and the media are trying to run him out of town. It's amazing how quickly embracing your home fans and rapping can send one's reputation in a downward spiral. Most GM's in baseball see no value in Lastings anymore. However, Athletics GM Billy Beane seems awfully fond of him. He alone, may be able to land a #3 Starter. Overall Value: B
Ability: There's no doubt Lastings has tremendous ability. His major flaws are baserunning, off-speed stuff, and getting good jumps on fly balls. He however, is extremely athletic and charismatic. He has the speed to make up for his bad reads on fly balls and just has to learn the zone to become a star. Overall Ability: A
Future: It's pretty hard to tell what Lastings future holds. I, for one, believe he can become a 40HR 100RBI .260AVG. 25SB player. I see him as a future Mike Cameron type fielder. However, if he isn't given the chance to flourish, I could see him as a 18HR 60RBI .260AVG. 10SB type player. Since it is so hard to determine I''ll place him in the middle. Future: B+

Overall Prospect Level: B+

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Lastings Milledge is a joke chris