Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fanatic Fun Awards

Tonight I've decided to have a little fun and give out awards to the various fan bases of certain teams. I will call these awards "The Fanatic Fun Awards." So, without a further ado, your 2007 Fanatic Fun Awards:
  • Smartest Fan base: St. Louis Cardinals. I have to admit, as a met fan, this is hard to admit after the way they beat us in '06. However, most Cardinal fans I've read the comments of have been realistic, modest, and displayed a high intellect. Believe it or not, the runner up goes to the Boston Red Sox. It seems that when they're not discussing New York or Boston, their baseball IQ skyrockets. However, their inability to hide their hate for New Yorkers costs them this award.
  • Least Intelligent Fan base: San Fransisco Giants. No other fan base can support a guy who ruined the great industry that is major league baseball (Barry Lamar Bonds). I've read comments by Giant fans who want five all-star prospects for Matt Cain (the most over-rated ace in baseball). The clincher for this award was a comment made by a guy named "zito4cyyoung" in the comment forums of Mlbtraderumors who said the least he'd take for Cain was David Wright and another prospect.
  • Most Annoying Fans: Philladelphia Phillies. This is not only because of the unpleasant time I had when I went to a Met-Phillies game in Philly (the fans actually enjoyed being called "cheese-steaks"), but what kinds of fans celebrate and embrace losing 10,000 games. This one goes to the Phillies in a run away!
  • Best All-Around Fan base: Chicago Cubs. You have to give credit to a fan base who sticks by their team no matter how mediocre they are. Or no matter how many heart breaks they suffer through. It was just great that the Cubs were finally a money spending team last off-season. Maybe they can maintain their success for years to come.
  • Worst All-Around Fan base: Florida Marlins. This fan base is a disgrace. No offence to those who actually go to the games. What kind of fan lets their team financially rot just because they're afraid of the rain. How many rain-outs have there actually been over the last few years? Come on people, this is one of the, if not the most successful franchises of the last decade.

So there's my take on the fan bases of major league baseball. Feel free to leave your take in the comments.

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