Sunday, February 24, 2008

'08 RAPs: NL East

We all know how the NL East ended in 2007. It was the single most shocking week in baseball history. The Philadelphia Cheese-Steaks proved that the best team doesn't always win. They also proved that luck is a vital aspect of professional sports. Well, anyway, here's the rundown:

On May 1st, the Braves were a half game ahead of the Mets, while the 4th place Steaks were 3 back.
On June 1st, the Mets were in first, 3.5 ahead of Atlanta and 8.5 ahead of Philly.
On July 1st, third place Philly was back in the race, 5 back of the Mets, and one back of second place Atlanta.
At the break, Atlanta was only 2 back, while Philly was still 4.5 back.
About a week later I made a bet of $20 that the Mets would win the division... oops!
On August 1st, the Braves were 3.5 back and the Phils were 4 back.

Here it is: The Month of September
On September 1st, the second place Phils were 3 back; Atlanta, at 6.5 back were pretty much dead.
On the fifth, Philly was 5 back; seemingly, out of the race.
On the 10th Philly was 6 back; still, out of the race.
On the 15th, the Phils were back within 4.5; yet, nobody was worrying.
On the 20th, Philly got back within 1.5 games.
On the 23rd the Phils were back 2.5. Whew... that was close!
On the 26th they were a game back. Good thing there's only 4 games left... Right?
September 27th: OH MY GOD!!! They tied it up! That's not good.
28th: What the Hell!? The Steaks take a one game lead.
29th: Johnny Maine to the rescue. No hitter into the eighth, 14K's. Just for those of you who don't think this kid's an ace, here are his numbers in the two must win games he ever pitched in (2006 NLCS game 6 and the game on the second to last day of the '07 season):
13.1IP 3H 19Ks, NO RUNS!!!

Anyway, the day all you have been waiting for:
September 30th, 2007: Tom Glavine takes the hill in the biggest game of his life. He fires 8 shutout innings, Billy Wagner comes in and strikes out Miguel Cabrera in his last at bat as a Marlin. After the game, the Mets watch as Brett Myers blows a 5 run lead in the ninth to the Nationals. And there you have it, the Mets are the 2007 NL East Champs!!!

What? 7 Run 1st? Impossible... Tom Terrific was on the mound... Seriously??? The Phillies couldn't of won. I just looked it up, they haven't won a playoff game in over a decade! Liars!

Oh, I remember now. Glavine sucks! Well, we're just about out of time.

Anyway, here's the 2007 NL East Standings:

Phillies: 89-73 0GB
Mets: 88-74 1GB
Braves: 84-78 5GB
Nationals: 73-89 16GB
Marlins: 71-91 18GB

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Anonymous said...

Here is a Met fan that still hasn't gotten over the collapse. The east title was within reach but the Mets got cocky, they deserved to lose it. Maybe this year they won't show off in front of other teams, and really win it on the talent that makes up this team. They do have a pretty deep pitching staff, and with Reyes, Wright and Beltran, and throw in DelGado when he hits, they really should be able to go for it all.